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We know you have a busy life and don’t really want to hear a lot of ‘fluff’ and marketing pitches.   So here is what makes us different.  No Bull!  Ready?

We’ve upgraded our servers to run LightSpeed.  That is up to 20x faster than the industry standard servers running Apache.

All of our hard drives are Solid State Drives (SSD).  Others use the old platter style drives.  SSD is faster and has no moving parts to wear out.  It certainly costs us more to do that, but we believe your website is worth it!

FREE and auto SSL.  Let’s face it!  Browsers now warn potential visitors of unsafe, unsecure websites.  Our Turbo Cloud and above solves this automatically for FREE.  Our competitors charge you upwards of $90 every year for this service.  Why?  Shouldn’t that be part of the hosting service?  We think so.

We include Nightly and Weekly backs ups FREE.  Our competitors do not! Why?  We shake our heads every time we hear of some hosting company charging for this.  It is not easy, but you trust us as your hosting advisor, and we think you should expect the best.

Our packages include Security Tools utilizing Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence performing real-time scanning and removal.

We offer FREE website migrations by our Tier 3 technical team.  We believe this service to be crucial to ensure you have a great web hosting experience.

We are always here to help.  We know starting a new website or expanding an existing one can be challenging.  You do not have to be technical wizard to do this stuff.  We’ll show you how!

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